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Clockwork Orange: This film is really in your face from jump-street. That would seem to be the poster boy for a program that reprograms people to be good and moral, but is that not immoral in itself.

I enjoyed it overall and it brought up some interesting points.

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McDowell actually sliced his cornea during the scene, forcing the legendary perfectionist Kubrick to cut it short. The implication is that all of the images, both real and imagined, are part of Alex's fantasies". Kubruck and composition Kubrick was a master filmmaker obsessed with symmetry and composition. The association of real-world acts of violence with the movie was deeply upsetting for Kubrick, and he decided to pull A Clockwork Orange from the British market. They also discuss things like the Egyptian pyramids as a symbol of dominance. Instead, they simply carried the novel as a reference for dialogue in the scenes. The movie reinvigorated an old debate about the potential societal impact of depictions of graphic violence. Southern enjoyed the biting black humor of the book, and thought Kubrick should consider adapting it into a movie. At the end of the movie Alex is fixed up and begins terrorizing people again. Strangelove co-screenwriter Terry Southern gave him a copy on the set of that film. Kubrick loved shooting there because it was the closest location to his house. This raises the question: Can anyone ever be free of control? But whether Kubrick was doing this with the idea that triangles indicate hierarchies and even the sacred powers of pyramids is up to the viewer.

This turning of the tables, this challenge to our liberal sensibilities, is what makes A Clockwork Orange powerful: a sudden widening of the perspective on violence.

Philip Stone as Dad in a trailer for A Clockwork Orange Kubrick argued passionately that art and literature had always depicted violence and horror, citing the Bible, Shakespeare and the Greek myths as prime examples.

After seeing a group from a theater enact a rape scene, they go about on their own way. Is the movie making a point about the intrinsic merit of the Bible? It is disturbing to watch but really enjoyable at the same time.

That being said, I found other parts of this film fascinating and well-done. The film whiffed on all four categories at the ceremony, but it still earned a place in history.

However, later in the film, Alex is imprisoned and now appears at the bottom of a triangle visible in the prison yard. Strangelove co-screenwriter Terry Southern gave him a copy on the set of that film.

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Kubrick asserted that the film held comparisons between both the left and right end of the political spectrum and that there is little difference between the two. This film really invokes a lot of mixed emotions.

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