Daycare business plan guide

Here are some examples of possible licensing requirements: Physical space: a minimum square footage per child, both indoor and outdoor, depending on age. Will you be hiring more staff? Note down how your daycare is going to help these different kinds of parents.

daycare business plan ppt

Will you provide food or do children need to bring snacks and lunches? In noting the lease information on your business plan, aim to negotiate free months of rent with your landlord.

business plan for daycare and preschool pdf

Opening a new daycare takes a long time for construction build-outs, permits, licensing and many other factors—sometimes up to a year. Who is your target market?

The second differentiating effort will be benchmarked customer service. Safe Kids will spend extra money to attract and train the best employees.

Daycare business plan pdf

Include information about how you will position your day care center business for success despite the competition. As mentioned earlier, the market is quite competitive. We would like to grow into four campuses, eventually, but growth is planned conservatively, to be financed from existing cash flow as we go. Safe Kids is an exciting opportunity that provides safe and secure child care to the Lynn, MA neighborhood. In addition to analyzing your market, note your pricing structure, gross margin levels, and other nuts and bolts of your business model. There are two general types of facilities. That means you need a classroom of at least square-feet 20 multiplied by Now imagine this at a cost less than that of the combination of conventional day care and specific interest based children programs. Their services are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be taken care of. Real estate sites like Loopnet and Zillow often provide helpful demographic analyses of neighborhoods; the most in-depth info is usually on commercial properties. Opening a new daycare takes a long time for construction build-outs, permits, licensing and many other factors—sometimes up to a year. Lindsey says working from home and being able to stay home with your children are great perks to daycare ownership, but it also takes a special person.

When Lindsey had surgery, all the home providers pitched in to cover for her and take her children while she recovered. The Market The child care market is quite competitive in the Boston area. For detailed information on the size of your primary market, there are helpful resources, such as this guide from IBISWorld.

Make sure to cover the legal necessities of a daycare business, such as site safety, emergency care, staff qualifications, and other requirements in your area.

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How to Write a Business Plan for Starting a Day Care Center