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Retrieved on December 8, from www. Can we allow conversation and discussion to meander down a road with no known ultimate destination? Finally, we explore PowerPoint-related issues of visuality, orality and literacy.

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This may have ideological associations with the culture of its corporate creator, Microsoft—for example, in the subtle cognitive impacts of the aesthetic layout judgments made in default settings Matless, We should also be more aware of the culture, customs, and behaviour that are dragged along with PowerPoint and how they affect the way we think about our students, our audiences, ourselves, and our disciplines.

Cyberspace, Yes. Michael was an extraordinary talent and a truly great international star. When we taught without PowerPoint or led a case discussion without PowerPoint or acted Socratic-like without PowerPoint, our relationship with students was unmediated and more human, more direct, less pre-meditated and less structured.

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