Evaluating how different american presidents handled major issues during their time in office

what makes a successful president

In defeat, Quayle was articulating the common modern view—ratified by voters—that being a gifted campaigner was the more important quality.

The Framers, fresh from a successful rebellion against a tyrannical king, envisioned an executive who was limited in power and even stature.

Do you agree? Or, failing that, a reality-TV star? A White House once quaintly understaffed is now overstaffed, which leads to laborious decision making and palace intrigue. He also warned the country against permanent alliances with foreign nations. In , Eisenhower went on vacation during a harsh hurricane season. The profusion of balls, dinners, dances, public lectures, musical performances, and theater spurred by the federal presence created a rich cultural environment. When the French Revolution turned violent in , however, many Americans re-evaluated that friendship. Weissman in Foreign Affairs. There also was unrest at home. Votes for Kennedy were shown dropping from the ballot box through the roof of the White House. He must set a legislative agenda for an often feckless Congress, navigating a partisan divide as wide as any in modern American history. Hundreds were injured, and two died. It was the fifth heart attack or stroke to hit a current or former president since the Wilson administration ended, in While he consulted with the Senate on appointments, he insisted that the president alone had the authority to fire an appointee, guaranteeing the president's control of every member of the executive branch. However, African Americans remained frustrated by the political maneuvering and insisted on immediate action to protect their rights.

Governing has got to be a pleasure by comparison: We won, so we can! Amid crashing favorability ratings, Obama interrupted his own vacation to tour abandoned, oil-slicked beaches.

The growth of presidential power is not new. For instance, during the Obama administration, senior U. His appointments advanced the idea that the best-qualified people should be tapped for office. We now expect the president to be a first responder, too. Explain your position. In designing the office, the Founders worried that the executive would be whipsawed by the passions of the people rather than driven by reason and good character. In July , he held a Cabinet meeting that was more like the Red Wedding. Republicans, including Thomas Jefferson, sympathized with the revolution, seeing it as an emulation of America's own freedom struggle. A president must now be able to jolt the economy like Franklin Roosevelt, tame Congress like Lyndon Johnson, comfort the nation like Ronald Reagan. We all know what this desire to execute looks like in our own lives.

He was alone and undisturbed. The most important public example occurred at the end of the Revolution, when Washington returned his commission—the symbol of his authority—to Congress.

Martin Luther King Jr. A president has to navigate the interests of many parties: the voters, Congress, foreign leaders. During the Obama years, the PDB was wrapped in a stiff leather binder and looked like the guest book at a country club.

Evaluating how different american presidents handled major issues during their time in office

He had achieved both wealth and fame as a British subject in colonial Virginia. This caused the columnist Walter Lippmann to wonder whether the job was too much for one man to bear.

His father's early death interrupted George's formal education.

Washington issued a proclamation of neutrality in upon the resumption of conflict between France and Britain. And just as the Founders had surmised, prolonged exposure to the people had a powerful effect. Because of this fear, the Founders did not want candidates to campaign for the office, believing that stumping for votes would warp their priorities. For instance, from the explicit power to appoint and receive ambassadors flows the implicit authority to recognize foreign governments and conduct diplomacy with other countries generally. Clair to the Ohio country with the hope that his presence would clear the way for American settlers. Appointments require consent of a simple majority. Many Republican lawmakers said the Obama administration ignored the law when it established programs shielding undocumented immigrants from deportation. A candidate for president has one constituency: the voters.

Reviewing and Using the Lesson As an individual or group essay assignment: if you were elected the first president of the United States, how would you shape the office of president under Article II of the Constitution?

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Evaluating How Different American Presidents Handled Major Issues During Their Time In Office