How to write a lease renewal letter to tenant

When a lease agreement is coming to an end, the landlord must decide whether to renew the lease or not. These advocates can be any new term or condition added or a rent increase.

The starting and expiry dates of the lease are important in this letter. This lease renewal form is intended to assist you and in no way alters or supersedes any part of your current lease agreement.

Your new lease must be returned to insert name of landlord here at the address above within 30 days of the expiration of the original lease or by insert the date here as provided in your original lease.

Advertisement The letter I am residing in one of your domestic locations on rent.

lease renewal reminder letter

Is your lease expiring in 90 days? Sometimes, the renewal contains some new advocates.

Commercial lease renewal negotiation letter

If you have any complications in this matter, feel free to contact me via Phone call or Email. It is generally considered good business practice to send this lease renewal letter and the new residential lease renewal form to the tenant sixty days prior to the end of the lease. This gives your tenants ample reminder about their upcoming lease termination date and gives you the most notice possible should your tenant elect to move out. While you can opt to keep your rent price the same, you should consider updating your rent price. The following is a sample lease renewal letter. Signature Conclude the letter with a salutation, your name and signature. It would be highly adored if you also send a new tenancy contract. There are key elements that must be included in a lease renewal letter. Landlords often write lease renewal letters to their tenants informing them that their current lease is about to expire and proposing a new one either on the same or different terms. Leases are fixed contracts, and for this reason, you cannot edit your lease end date. You can send your approval in lettering. But if the rent is going to remain the same, make that clear. Whichever way you choose, make sure to have it in writing for your records. Title Section A lease renewal letter is a formal communication, so type it out using standard business format on your official letterhead or that of the property management company. Take the opportunity to inform the client that lease renewal is subject to better conduct or observance of the rental policies.

Are you open to a month-to-month lease renewal? According to the types, the terms and conditions may vary.

lease renewal letter with rent increase
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How to Write a Lease Renewal Letter