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Some candidates dwelt on issues such as COSHH risk assessments and job safety analysis rather than addressing the question as written.

Again, although this may have some relevance, the Employers Liability Defective Equipment Act would be a much more likely route for a successful action in this case and should have received particular attention but it was ignored by many candidates and misunderstood by others with some candidates suggesting that the provisions of EL DE A allow the employer, or the employee, to sue the manufacturer.

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Modern software packages hide the majority of complex tasks from the user. Key issues that could have been outlined include: defining the activities and areas for which a permit would be required; developing a PTW procedure that defines how the system will operate; and developing the permit format and multi-copy documentation system to encompass issues such as job description, hazard identification, specification of risk control measures, time limits and authorising, receiving and cancellation signatures. In terms of the civil law, most candidates focused on the employers common law duty of care to employees, often with simplistic regurgitation of the tests for negligence. Question 5 A secretary was injured by her chair when the adjustment mechanism, which used gas under pressure, exploded due to a manufacturing fault. Explain the underlying mathematics behind finite element analysis software solvers 3. All digital assignments are due by 5pm on the due date. Answers could have included the difficulty in defining the scope and minimum level of incident to be costed, problems of under-reporting or recording, understanding the full scope of costs associated with an accident or incident, and obtaining realistic cost figures for more subtle cost elements such as loss of productivity or goodwill. Suggest reasons for an actual difference in safety performance between the two hospitals. The subject, together with relevant case law, is contained within Element A7 of the syllabus. Suitable explanations would have included a brief summary of the purpose of, and risk management philosophy inherent in, the Turnbull Report together with a summary of the key elements of the Report that would support good safety management. It is always worth submitting late assessment tasks when possible. Only a few candidates explained the process of preliminary rulings on matters of EC law, which is an important part of the Courts role in evolving the body of EC law; even fewer recognised the entitlement of parties to a preliminary ruling from the ECJ when there is a hearing in the final national court of appeal.

There were some examples of excellent answers amongst the scripts but very many were disappointing. Sacco, Refined first-order shear deformation theory models for composite laminates, J.

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Such issues should have been familiar territory. This course includes two face-to-face teaching methods: 1.

june 2008 m1 mark scheme

You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document 8th. It is particularly disappointing to see candidates making observations such as the employer could bring a prosecution against the supplier or the injured employee will sue the employer under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

They also hold workshops and can help students one-on-one. The subject matter is contained in Element A4 of the syllabus.

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Issues that could have been covered include those related to the nature of the work for instance, maintenance work might be more complex, higher risk, harder to control satisfactorily and with less wellestablished work methods than other warehousing and distribution activities. Arrangements for co-ordinating, providing and reviewing risk assessments and method statements are an important element of the control measures, as are supervision and communication arrangements for all affected parties, monitoring active and reactive arrangements, and procedures for completion, hand-over and review of safety performance. Unfortunately, such candidates were in the minority and most achieved only modest or poor marks. The school supports both packages and will for the foreseeable future. As a professional engineer you are judged primarily on instances of written and verbal communication technical reports, design documents, meetings, etc. MMAN provides the opportunity for students to acquire these skills. The baseline approach to teaching in the course is based on modified Bloom s Taxonomy and the formation of assessments is based on SOLO Taxonomy. If plagiarism is found in your work when you are in first year, your lecturer will offer you assistance to improve your academic skills. Although not falling within the scope of the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations , the site poses a risk to employees, the neighbouring community and the environment. Two formal classes are given to support your learning in the course: Lectures Hands-on simulations software laboratories Lectures will run for half the semester and provide an introduction to the theoretical framework on which the FE method is built. Better candidates recognised that Directives have to be implemented through national legislation by a particular date. Question 8 A small company formulating a range of chemical products operates from a site on which it employs about 50 staff. Aims of the course The primary aim of this course is to train you to solve complex engineering structural mechanics problems with finite element analysis.

Calculations, where they are necessary, should be shown professionally in any report; scans of hand calculations will not be accepted. Nearly all candidates dealt with the need for risk assessments and agreed systems of work but this is only one part of a third party risk management process. The most important skill that any engineer can acquire is the ability to communicate the results of an analysis in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner.

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