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This conference expresses it deep concern over the increasing number of suicides in IITs and other professional institutions and demanded laws to be formulated in order to check the physical and mental harassments faced by students particularly who are coming from marginalised backgrounds and gender.

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The conference called upon to expand the organizational activities in north eastern areas- which is now largely limited to Tripura and Assam- to all the states. In fact, the most important aim would be to reach out the areas where the presence of the organisation is weak.

Unlike the earlier conference, there were delegates from Manipur, Sikkim and Gujarat this time.

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Sainath and Prof. Controversies, attacks and violence.

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Conference underlined the role of students in the struggle for ensuring equal rights, a life with dignity and social justice. From 30th October to 2nd Novemberthe 16th All India Conference of SFI, has critically evaluated the political and organisational tasks lying ahead.

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Ram Puniyani and C. This is also important to make sure a healthy campus atmosphere where a vibrant political and cultural activism increase the inner democracy of campus life. In Tripura there is a special sub-organisation for tribal students, named the Tribal Students Union. R Ramakumar. The Conference put forth demands for the extension of research scholarships and their timely distribution. SFI completes 50 years in It is for the first time in the history, Shimla has become the host of All India Conference. Parijith, brother of SFI leader Abhimanyu who was killed by Islamist fundamentalists in Kerala also attended the inaugural session of the conference. Balagopalan and V. Conference elected 93 member Central Executive Committee with 9 vacancies. The amendment to have National Conferences every three years was agreed upon.
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Students Federation of India, Kacheripeta, Kakinada