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I choose the words ahead of time and add them to our class word wall, and students add them to their individual word collection sheets in their writing folders. You can also have students make all of their strikethrough edits in red or another distinct color. They send you kits so that students can write their story and add illustrations to each page. Allow the sentence to return to the original writer so students can see how their writing was revised and "jazzed up. The bodies were in heaps. Encourage students to play with adjectives but not rely on them. When a classmate reads a book, he or she writes his name on the library card so that the author knows who has read his book.

As you model this, your students will see that the writing process is not stagnant. Writing, "The toddler devoured the bread crust like a wolf gobbling down a rabbit" is almost as clear as a photograph.

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How do you teach your students this cardinal rule of writing? They soon will recognize their own non-descriptive writing.

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When I read to my students on the reading carpet, they bring their writing folders with them. Note: You will be unable to edit these pages, this is for demonstration purposes only.

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In a group, students pass their boring sentences to the person sitting next to them. The first few slides provide students with examples of showing vs. Using a red marker, another student strikes through pronouns and replaces them with specific nouns. Students can also begin each sentence with "it" or "and then" and never vary the sentence length. For this reason, we have a cozy read-in where students wear their pajamas to school and bring their sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. However, there are always those students who find it difficult to perform when they are not given prescribed directions and are instead asked to come up with ideas on their own. The number of them was much higher than I could count at the time. Our school orders the hardcover books you see in the photos from www. Microsoft Word In the computer lab, ask your students to open up a Word document. Students who have Internet access at home can go back online and play with their sentences for another round of "Jazz It Up" revision. Before the read-in begins, each student puts a library card in the back of his or her book. As I am reading, I will pause usually no more than once or twice during a story to note interesting vocabulary words that I want to introduce.

Ask students to identify the specific verbs, nouns, similes, or metaphors the author used to paint a word picture.

The author needs to draw the reader in from the beginning.

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