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There can be several reasons where we want the testing team to limit its scope. Good test plan templates and standards help with organizing the content. Every mentioned member of the process of developing a software or other web product, must before approval review and add his or her suggestions and comments about the project to make the product, which will be released, completely qualitative.

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Usage of standardized templates will bring more confidence and professionalism to your team. IEEE has specified eight stages in the documentation process, producing a separate document for each stage. A test plan includes the details of people and their assignment to testing activities. After reading this you will understand the significant importance of the planning phase when compared to the execution phase with more live examples and case studies for illustrations. Test Plan Speaking about time, the main peculiarity of one-page test plan will be that it will take much less time than working on a long document. Ways to Overcome Problems while Execution Testers will more often come across various scenarios while they perform the test execution. If you can clearly answer all above-mentioned questions while designing a test plan, you can be absolutely sure that you have well-designed and, the main thing, correctly designed test plan of the projects. Develop Test Strategy Once you have analyzed the product, you are ready to develop the test strategy for different test levels. This especially holds true for test plans. You have much freedom in writing a test strategy.

Test Strategy vs Test Plan The test plan conveys how the test will be performed. Now, you can include test schedule in your testing plan which helps you to control the progress of testing process.

A very good early project activity is to get the stakeholders together and brainstorm the test strategy. Prevents from Unnecessary Testing Some testers have the tendency to test complete release every time, even when it is not needed.

Observations: There is a dependency for overcoming environmental problems and issues. Do let us know, if we have missed mentioning any pros and cons of using a test plan. I think he or she will like the second variant more!

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Schedule The schedule is created by assigning dates to testing activities.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Test Plan