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So, it's important that we resolve these fundamental questions. It's as if most people instinctually know that one day they're going to have to explain all the bad things they've done which of course means that they also instinctually know that there is such a thing as moral absolutes.

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I am not sure why I was crying, but I know that something is not right. Do I serve a purpose? I hope he will leave. They are secured down with rigidity leather belts. I was seeing my psychiatrist today. What is the meaning of life? Everyone that I have ever had contact with has taught me something, whether it be right from wrong, or just simply how to tie my shoes. I thought that reading the bible, attending church, and avoiding big sins was good enough. The prevailing instinct among the majority seems to be that, yes, God will hold us accountable. We often look back at our history and mark certain cause and effects—if I hadn't went to this university I wouldn't have met my spouse, for instance, or if we hadn't chose to move to this city our lives would be much happier, etc.

Whether deliberately or unconsciously, we choose to tie together the different events or occurrences in our lives into a meaningful and coherent plot or story. Someone could say I have reality to face, but without dreams we have no hope, and without hope we have nothing inside of us to fuel our deep passion to succeed and win the race that we have been running.

The careers I had picked were always diverse, but the one thing they had in common was working with individuals. Other times it is just my parents telling me not to say something. And it's important that we discover the honest truth. I, Sandy Collins has done it. It's a big story that gives meaning to all of our lives that helps answer, "Why am I here?

I am but one part of a 7 billion piece jigsaw puzzle. Why I Am Here?

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Typical of elderly, she talks to herself along the way, and to the animals and even the plants she encounters, seen and unseen. My heart did not fully belong towards the one who created it. I am surrounded with a lot of nothing. What He says is right is absolutely right and what He says is wrong is absolutely wrong. Where did I come from? My major is geared towards my future as an engineer in the combat arms branch of the service. William Shakespeare once wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances" As You Like It. I summarize the six acts as follows: Act 1: Creation.

So don't begin by asking, "Why am I here? I almost feel like a The prevailing instinct among the majority seems to be that, yes, God will hold us accountable. Life is one big accident.

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